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Physical Therapy Services That Can Greatly Benefit the Elderly

Physical Therapy Services That Can Greatly Benefit the Elderly

Physical therapy is one of the most beneficial healthcare services for the elderly. It can greatly improve their quality of life and standard of life. Many care providers, like our home health care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, offer physical therapy services for seniors because of how beneficial it can be for them.

Here are a few physical therapy services that can greatly benefit the elderly:

  • Cold Therapy

    Cold therapy is used by physical therapists to help relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation which are common symptoms of conditions such as arthritis.

  • Manual Therapy

    This type of therapy is similar to a massage. With this type of therapy, therapists use their hands to massage the patient’s muscles; this improves circulation and relieves pain. It also involves joint manipulations to help realign the joints in the body.

  • Heat Therapy

    Heat therapy uses heat to help relax muscles and improve blood circulation. It can help loosen stiff joints caused by osteoarthritis and is also used to loosen the muscles before an exercise.

  • Exercise Assessment

    A physical therapist is able to assess an individual to determine what the safest and most effective exercise could be for them. This is perfect for senior citizens who may be more limited in their choice of exercise. Assistance with exercise is one of the things you could expect from our health care services in Oklahoma.

These are just a few of the many services that seniors could benefit from physical therapy. Patience Home Health Care LLC is a home health care agency that offers beneficial care services for seniors which include physical therapy.

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