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Comfort at Home Through Skilled Nursing Care

Comfort at Home Through Skilled Nursing Care

Patients who have just been released from a hospital usually go to a skilled nursing facility to recover or heal from an injury, surgery, or illness. As much as they hope to go home directly, they remain in the facility until they are well enough and no longer need the amount of care provided in that facility. The good news is that home health services in Oklahoma include skilled nursing care to cater to the needs of the patients who wish to receive medical treatment in their homes.

By definition, skilled nursing care is high-level medical care that must be provided by licensed health professionals, such as registered nurses (RNs) and physical, speech, and occupational therapists. Our home health care professionals here in Patience Home Health Care LLC are certified in providing skilled nursing care right in the comfort of your home and under the primary physician’s supervision. They administer medications and injections depending on the specific health care needs. They also consistently monitor and manage medical treatment to various health conditions including diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and others. Moreover, they are qualified and trained to assist with daily living tasks.

Besides basic nursing care, our home health care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma also includes rehabilitation services. These services can help patients restore their abilities, if not completely, then at least almost the same state as before.

  • Physical therapy to help patients regain mobility.
  • Speech therapy to help treat speech problems.
  • Occupation therapy to teach the skills needed to do everyday tasks at home.

If you wish to receive skilled nursing care in the comfort of your home, feel free to contact our home healthcare agency at 405-604-0373 or visit for more details.

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