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Improving Speech Through Therapy

Improving Speech Through Therapy

The ability to communicate properly is essential to be easily understood and effectively relay information. Problems with communication often lead to misunderstanding and confusion. One way in which people express their thoughts, feelings, and needs is by speaking. Unfortunately, some people suffer from a speech disorder that affects them from expressing what they want to convey. However, you can find home health care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that provides speech therapy services to address problems with speech and communication.

Here at Patience Home Health Care LLC, we have highly trained and professional speech-language pathologists (SLPs) or often referred to as speech therapists who conduct assessments to determine what is the exact condition and what are the best treatments for it. They administer speech therapy strategies and techniques to provide treatment to several speech and language disorders such as:

  • Articulation problems – the inability to speak clearly and properly from certain word sounds
  • Dysphagia disorders – difficulty with eating, digesting, and swallowing food from the mouth
  • Aphasia – the inability to comprehend language due to damage or injury to parts of the brain that control language

Speech therapists here in our home healthcare agency develop activities and strategies according to a person’s unique needs. This can result in improved communication skills, better articulation, improved swallowing, increased confidence, improved cognitive development, and many more. With speech therapy, one can be easily understood, and they can freely express their feelings and needs. More than that, our speech therapy services are conducted in the comfort of the home.

Feel free to visit us at or contact 405-604-0373 to inquire and avail of our speech therapy services. We also have other home health services in Oklahoma that you can also check out.

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