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How to Promote Better Mobility for the Elderly

How to Promote Better Mobility for the Elderly

For many senior citizens, simply moving around can be difficult. This is caused by loss of mobility due to aging. We lose mobility when we get older because our muscles and bones get weaker. Loss of mobility is dangerous and can lead to injuries and hospitalization. Many home care providers like our home health care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma provide a service called mobility assistance. This service helps promote better mobility for the elderly.

Here are a few ways this service can promote better mobility for the elderly:

  • By supervising exercises aimed to promote balance

    One of the best ways to promote mobility and balance is through exercise. This tackles one of the causes of loss of mobility; weakening bones and muscles. With us here at Patience Home Health Care LLC, senior citizens can learn these exercises safely from physical therapists and home health aides.

  • By assisting and supporting them as they walk around

    Providing support and assistance for seniors as they walk around is a great way to enhance their mobility. With a helping hand, it can be easier for them to go from one place to another without the fear of injury. This is one of the duties of a home health care aide in our home health care services in Oklahoma.

  • By teaching them how to effectively use mobility assistive devices

    Making sure that senior citizens are properly using mobility assistive devices can greatly increase their mobility. These devices are engineered to help seniors move around with ease; they also help promote greater independence in the elderly.

These are among the many ways a home health care agency like us can help senior citizens improve their mobility. Now you can also help your elderly loved ones promote their mobility.

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